Spotlight Films Empowering Young People

Using film to bring simple but vital and effective messaging to a global audience


Film is one of the most effective communication tools available, and modern technology means it has never been cheaper or easier to make film a core component of an effective communication strategy.

Impactful viral communication has been one of the great successes of the Warwick Rowers project. With nearly nine million views throughout more than 140 countries, including countries with severely oppressive regimes that particularly affect women and LGBT populations, the project’s viral videos have been able to bring simple but vital and effective messaging to a global audience - an example of this can be seen below.

Now, Sport Allies is proud to launch Spotlight. We began work in late 2017 with London Film School and SKY Sports to develop a film project that would promote greater diversity and inclusion within sport.

Over an eighteen month period, the film development team explored various ways to achieve our key objectives, including an open competition to empower aspiring film-makers and a master class that would enable sporting influencers to create their own films.

After a challenging development process, we have now created a series of short films that combine the rigor and experience of established media professionals, the fresh perspectives and creativity of emerging talent, and the authentic stories of people whose lived experiences challenge assumptions about diversity and sport.

Long-time documentary film-maker Nicola Waddell was excited to work with all of us at Sport Allies and London Film School on identifying and securing great contributors with powerful stories to share. Through these stories, we will explore inclusivity and the challenges facing women in the world of football (soccer), how rugby is playing a role in promoting healthier masculinities, and the importance of the straight ally in a film featuring our very own Tristan Edwards.

With support from professional mentors, London Film School’s recent graduates have created three films that we hope will engage, inform, challenge and inspire, inform. We are grateful to Sky Sports for donating post-production services, to London Film School for their huge investment of creative energy and to all our supports who have made this project possible.

In this seven minute short, the the Warwick Rowers (who have since become the Worldwide Roar) talk on location from their 2018 calendar shoot about why they are so committed to their project and to Sport Allies. They discuss their own experiences of feeling excluded from sport, how objectification affects women in sport, and why getting naked is something to be proud of!

SA - Spotlight_FINAL_RGB(1).jpeg

We are delighted to share with you 3 films created in conjunction with Sky Sports and London Film School. These films premiered on Sky Sports 23rd, 24th, and 25th September 2019.