Promoting sport as an inclusive and supportive route to personal growth for everyone.


Homophobia and Inequality in Sports: The Stats

Approximately 6% of the UK population is gay and yet homophobia in sport remains a serious issue in the UK

2004 Treasury Report of the Civil Partnerships Act.

70% of British gay males under the age of 22 who play team sport are either completely or partially closeted from their teammates. Reasons for this included a fear of bullying, a fear of being rejected by teammates and a concern about discrimination from officials.

Out on the Fields survey 2015

73% of youth in one study do not believe that youth sports are a ‘supportive and safe’ place for lesbian, gay and bisexual participants.

Out on the Fields survey 2015


More than 55% of young LGBT+ people had been directly bullied in school.

stonewall report


Our Vision:

Is a world where sport is a leader in promoting diversity.


Our Mission:

Is to promote sport, and especially team sport, as an inclusive and supportive route to personal growth for everyone. 


Our Impact:

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Contributing to the Debate

Commission and share research into gender and sexuality.

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Better delivery

Supporting Better Delivery

Creating practical tools and resources to support people who are delivering sports-related training or education to young people.

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Empowering Young People

Bringing simple but vital and effective messaging to a global audience

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“One of the essential conditions for the effective exercise of human rights is that everyone should be free to develop and preserve his or her physical, intellectual, and moral powers and that access to physical education and sport should consequently be assured and guaranteed for all human beings’. ”

— UNESCO International Charter of Physical Education and Sport



Strategy for change.

Sport Allies is a registered charity with a mission to promote sport - especially team sport - as an inclusive and supportive route to personal growth for everyone. We also want to see sport play a more prominent role in promoting inclusion generally, with a specific focus on gender and non-heteronormative sexualities.

Our vision is a world where sport leads the way in promoting diversity, and you can read more about how we are achieving this vision through our Strategy for Change Report.

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Homophobia is not just an LGBT issue.

We have come to understand that homophobia is more about gender identity than sexuality, and affects all of us.

Our culture has set ideas about what masculinity is, and who is allowed to have it. The more we look, the more evidence we find to show that ‘difference’ in relation to masculinity is at the root of homophobia.