A selection of images taken at the recent launch of our report into 'Homophobia, Gender and Sporting Culture', at the House of Commons.


Our Story

The Sport Allies charity was born out of the Warwick Rowers calendar project. Conceived as a solution to the University of Warwick Boat Club's financial woes, the Warwick Rowers calendar quickly found strong support and international success in the gay community. The boys publicly embraced this support and the calendar became a symbol of defiance against homophobia, particularly in sport. It was a decision that would ultimately trigger the formation of Sport Allies.

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Our Mission

We have learned that homophobia in sport is more than a problem for LGBT+ people.  It is the tip of an iceberg that affects us all.  Sport  - and specifically team sport - is the place in our education systems where narrow gender stereotypes are most vigorously enforced, squeezing many of us into boxes that we do not fit.   

Sport can and must play a better role in our society.  We believe that sport should be an opportunity to discover and fulfil your potential as an individual, whatever your sexuality and wherever you sit on the gender spectrum. That is why the vision of Sport Allies is to see “a world where sport is a leader in celebrating difference”.

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Your donation helps us move closer to our goal. It funds research and events, working to defeat the stereotypes and barriers that exist in sport.