Empowering Young People

Bringing simple but vital and effective messaging to a global audience


Film is one of the most effective communication tools available, and modern technology means it has never been cheaper or easier to make film a core component of an effective communication strategy.

Indeed, one of the great successes of the Warwick Rowers project has been the use of viral communication. With nearly nine million views throughout more than 140 countries, including countries with severely oppressive regimes that particularly affect women and LGBT populations, the project’s viral videos have been able to bring simple but vital and effective messaging to a global audience - an example of this can be seen below.

Sport Allies aims to replicate this success through an exciting new partnership with The London Film School (LFS) that will also draw on our existing and highly successful relationship with Leeds Beckett University. The first project of this partnership will be to deliver Sport Allies Smart Shorts, a series of films that will promote more inclusive attitudes in sport, particularly towards the LGBT community.

The project is supported by Sky Sports who will share our films on their social media platforms.

You can read an update on our Smart Shorts project here.